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About Me

Just a little bit about me and who I am.

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My name is Kevin Horvath, and I'm going to try and tell you a little bit about myself.


I attended a small college in River Forest named Dominican University. I always knew that I wanted to work with computers and technology but wasn't sure what I wanted to do in particular. After a couple programming classes in college, I knew that programming was going to be my thing. Throughout my educational experience I landed a sweet internship which not only helped mold me into the developer that I am today, but also allowed me to pay my way through the rest of college. After four years I finished with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration.

Software Development

I recently described myself as a, ".NET developer by day and a Ruby on Rails guy by night". I enjoy all sorts of development, whether its desktop, mobile, or web. Currently I work as a software developer for a fairly large corporation that primarily uses Microsoft based technologies. This means that I spend my working hours in Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. I like being a jack of all trades kind of developer because it feels great getting to work on all aspects of a project, from start to finish. During my free time I like to experiment with different open source languages and technologies. Lately its been Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL, but I like playing with anything that I can get my hands on. I'm not much of an artist or designer, but I love making cool shit happen with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Other Hobbies

When I am not working or in front of my computer at home, I am either at the gym or hanging out with friends. I just recently sold my first motorcycle. It was a Suzuki GS500, but don't laugh at me because it was my first bike. You gata start somewhere right? I also spend quite a lot of time at the gym. At one point in my life I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, and even though that wasn't my true calling I still enjoy trying to stay fit.